“Man on The Wire” by Rachel Lee Walsh

Week 7 Man on The Wire

I started working on “Man on The Wire” a couple of years ago after seeing the film “Man on Wire“, a 2008 documentary about the high-wire artist Philippe Petit walking on a tight rope strung between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. It’s an amazing story about preparing for the walk, getting to the top of the buildings in secret, and the walk itself. I have an intense fear of heights that I’m always pushing myself to get over, so watching his story was beyond inspiring to me. I will certainly never do a tight rope walk between two buildings as tall as the Twin Towers, but I can at least work toward getting up to the top of high mountains, which is what I wrote the song about.

I’ve recent months I’ve been attending songwriting workshops with a chapter of West Coast Songwriters. I played this song recently at one of the meetups and changed it a bit based on the groups input. I’d love to hear your insight as well.

Watch the video performance at this link: Rachel Lee Walsh YouTube Page.

Thanks for listening. See you next week.



“You Are My Sunshine” A Jimmie Davis & Charles Mitchell Cover by Rachel Lee Walsh

Week 6 You Are My Sunshine

This time last year, I was living in NYC and it was ZERO degrees. Now I live in California and it’s pretty darn sunny and warm, basically around 65 degrees. I’m guessing this is why my brain went to doing a cover of the song “You Are My Sunshine”. It’s also a song that I sing often to my toddler so it was swirling around in my head.

I’ve started to experiment a bit with accompanying myself on other instruments besides guitar and piano including hand percussion and even children’s musical toys like my child’s xylophone. This week I tried having some fun with rhythm eggs and a small ankle tambourine, pictured below (along with a chalk sun drawing of course).

Week 6 You Are My Sunshine Instruments

Check out the video recording of the song right here on my RLW YouTube page.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening. See you next week.

“Trapeze” A Patty Griffin Cover by Rachel Lee Walsh

Week 5 Trapeze


This week I was in the mood to do a cover of a Patty Griffin song called “Trapeze”. I find the lyrics of the song to be so beautiful and inspiring, so much that at one point I thought of getting a tattoo of the chorus. I didn’t end up doing that…yet.

Check out my video of the song on my RLW YouTube page.

Thanks for listening.

See you next week.



“Make Room for The New” by Rachel Lee Walsh

Week 4 Make Room for The New

A couple of years ago I wrote a 30 second song as a writing challenge with The Ignition Lab, a group of songwriters I got together with to write. The goal was to come up with a short song that could be used in a TV commercial. I ended up writing something I thought could be used for a home improvement store. I revisited the song again this year and tweaked it a bit. You can see the video on my RLW YouTube page.

Thanks for listening.

Until next week.


“I’ll Take You Away” by Rachel Lee Walsh

Week 2 Picture

“I’ll Take You Away” by Rachel Lee Walsh


Thanks for joining me for the second week of Fifty-Two in Fifty-Two. I dug out an original song I wrote two years ago titled “I’ll Take You Away”. I love pulling out old songs like this and getting to see what inspired my writing at the time. I wrote “I’ll Take You Away” during a crazy cold winter season in New York City when I was ready to escape city life. Playing the song and looking back like this made me laugh a little, particularly now that I live in the sunny burbs of Northern California and barely have to wear a sweater in January. Check out the video on my RLW YouTube Page.

Thanks for listening. See you next week.


Revisiting 52 in 52!

Hello and Happy New Year. In 2013, I completed a project with 5 other songwriters called “The Ignition Lab”. We were each looking for motivation and a creative approach to getting new songs written so we started the challenge of writing a new song each week and posting them online. Yes, 52 new songs in 52 weeks! For 2016, I’m revisiting the idea of 52 songs in 52 weeks as a solo project. Each week I will be posting either a new original song, an interpretation of another musicians song, or a new performance of one of my old songs. You can follow the whole year of songs right here or on my personal YouTube page.