“She’s Not Waiting” by Rachel Lee Walsh

Week 18 Return of the Grevious Angel

A few years ago, I joined a songwriting workshop given by Jan Bell, a fellow singer and songwriter I know from back in Brooklyn. She gave the participants the assignment of looking at a picture and writing a song from it. There was a New York Times article available at the workshop about female bike messengers working in New York City. There were some really great images of tough and tattooed women cyclists. The song “She’s Not Waiting” came out of that assignment. Ironically, a couple of weeks after I wrote the song, I ran into that actual bike messenger in the office building I worked at in Manhattan. I don’t have a copy of the picture, but you can read a digital version of the article at NewYorkTimes.com. Sometimes I think of changing the title to “Wings on Her Heels”.

This week I also recorded a video of the Gram Parsons song “Return of the Grievous Angel”.

You can view both videos on my Rachel Lee Walsh YouTube Channel.

Thanks for listening. See you next week.



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